Day 35. The Stadium One.

So I love football...particularly Ohio State Buckeye football...have since I was little. I love going to the games and have seen a lot change over the years...but one thing remains the same, the vendors who haul soda, hot dogs, popcorn, coffee and cocoa and water up and down those tiny little steps all day.

Today was a hot one - within 5 minutes of sitting down I was dripping in sweat...and yet the guy in our section kept on coming. Without fail he was up and down those steps until everything in his little carrier was gone. Then he'd go back, fill up and do it again. All the time dealing with people who I am sure were not always polite, kind, appreciative, let alone sober. This guy even cheered with the team, rallied the crowd and gave a good ol' "O-H" every now and then.

I can't imagine doing that job - not only are you one of a few hundred in an audience of 100,000 people who can NOT enjoy the day but you are doing hard, HARD labor. Well you made my day very enjoyable and, quite frankly, I am sure you helped a lot of people avoid heat stroke. Thanks for your attitude and effort. 

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