Day 34. The Challenging One.

Last night I ran into someone who has been in my life for about 7 years. This person is alternately someone that I want to see, or something that I would rather be dead than deal with. We know each other in a few different circles and while not as frequently now, we often find our paths cross.

This person and i have had some pretty big knock-down drag-out go's. When we agree its really exciting and collaborative, but when we don't it is often explosive and passionate. And I appreciate that. As much as this person can infuriate me and drive me nuts, I am someone who is rather opinionated (those of you who know me well, stop laughing now). However, one of things I most respect and believe in is that we should all bring our opinions to the table share them and in the end come up with something BETTER than any of the one points of view we started with as individuals. For me - my strong point of view is about overpowering others or "being right" its about thinking through things, fighting for what I believe, and ultimately LEARNING and finding the BEST answer...or at the very least having a really invigorating discussion.

This person is one of the very few I've met who will engage with me in this way, and push against me. As much as we may or may not get along - I do think this person knows me. I don't always understand why they do what they do - but I know that this person will always own their decisions, their actions and fight for these, and quite frankly if you want to discuss it they will and they will hold true to what they believe but be open to what you have to contribute.

I doubt this person will ever happen upon this little post - but I want him to know that I do appreciate his candor, his strength of character and his willingness to see in me that I am looking to learn, discuss and be better and fight through things WITH me...even though that may not always be how it feels.

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