Day 33. The One for who there isn't an adequate word.

I have a friend H. She is amazing...she's a rather popular local news anchor, she's physically adorable, she's young, she has an amazing family, two little ones, she is strong in spirit, she is funny, she is smart, she is cheeky, adventurous and fun. She deals with "celebrity" beautifully and she is so kind to every single person who just wants a few minutes of her time...

H also has stage 4 breast cancer as a result of her second occurance of breast cancer. If you don't know what this means, it means that she has cancer so advanced that it is considered "incurable". The cancer is now in her bones, her lungs, her liver and a few other places. This is pretty much as advanced as breast cancer can get (and yes it is breast cancer as it is the cancerous cells that originated there - even if its now in other parts of her body).

There are realities of H's situation that we are all aware of, and we don't need to dwell on them. I can tell you that this past year has been one of the more difficult years as far as her health. But the most amazing things about her are lessons that I think every single person should strive to bring into their lives

1) Share your fight with others to give them community and strength. As a public figure - I have great admiration for the fact that she has done this - now more than ever as she must struggle to keep some things private

2) Remember that you are not your problems. H is NOT her cancer. Do not be lazy enough to pigeon hole her as "breast cancer survivor". She is a dynamic person who's amazing gifts are even more obvious as she fights through this

3) Celebrate life, celebrate spirit. For some people, they KNOW there are not many more tomorrows - they are living like it. H doesn't dwell on "coping" she focuses on "living".  Shouldn't we all?

Tonight there is an event for my wonderful, amazing, strong friend. She is allowing an organization to use her fight and her celebrity to raise money to help others with cancer. I am going, I am helping and I am giving money all because its for H. I love you my dear dear friend. 

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