Day 32. The Culinary One.

Today I was watching the Twitter, and someone who I only know through new media channels is tweeting quite a bit today(he's at a Martha Stewart event but that aside ;o) )...his handle is "Chef Mark" most everywhere. Chef Mark is just one of those people who is so genuine and so compelling that you really really want to get to know him more. Mark is a personal chef with a wonderfully diverse background that you can read all about at his website. But the reason that I find him amazing is that he truly exudes passion and truth in every ounce of who he is. Whether he's "tweeting", podcasting, chatting, leaving a voicemail for a show you know that he knows who he is and he is sharing that with you.

Mark reminds me how important it is to love what you do - to have a total passion for it. He also reminds me to take the time to know who you are and to know what you believe and to come to those conclusions through an earnest, open-minded search for what all is out there...someday perhaps, I'll be fortunate enough to meet him in person. I think I'd just like to hang out and soak in a bit of his essence. I find the way he lives his life to be truly inspiring.

Oh...and he has a cute dog and he's a chef so seriously how could i NOT love him?

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iandrea said...

I couldn't agree more Alison!!
Mark is a wonderfully well rounded, caring and talented man. He has a heart of gold, and genuine character, things which are hard to come by these days. I'm lucky to be able to consider him a friend.

I want to commend you again on the beauty of your blog. You're appreciating a myriad of people from all walks of life. Relishing in the little things that we often take for granted. Perhaps what I admire the most is that you're taking the time to savor the precious gift that is the serendipity of a chance encounter that moved you, or led the way to a friendship.

Your friend,