Day 31. The Interesting One.

Since I was a child I can remember being aware of the CBS show "Sunday Morning".  Originally hosted by Charles Kurault and now hosted by Charles Osgood, its been an on and off tradition for me throughout my life.

In the past year or so, my husband and I have renewed the tradition. We'll get up on Sundays, make our coffee and breakfast, sit on the porch with the dog for a bit or go for a run but be sure to be back in time for the 9AM start of this show. To my knowledge, its not done anything particularly groundbreaking as far as "news"...but that is why I like it so very much. In a world where sensationalism and "the sky is falling!" media prevails so very often, CBS Sunday morning breaks tradition with every single segment every single week.  This past Sunday, topics ranged from the history of Galveston as it had just been hit by Ike to home schooling. They present in the narrative, biographical, in comics, commentary and visuals, (I would offer that The Daily Show's 'Moment of Zen' was directly inspired by the closing segment of CBS Sunday Morning)

Each segment is an insightful twist that may or may not connect to a story that is in the headlines right now. My husband and I often ponder how in the world they came up with some of the topics they do...but one thing is for sure, they are always different, interesting, and provocative. These segments make us renew our interest in the world and the subjects the stories cover. We have found new artists, new authors, new podcasts and so much new knowledge we could have never been compelled to even investigate otherwise.

In this busy busy world that, as of today is screaming that the financial world is crumbling, society is destitute and the world is going to war an intellectual focus on what really is going on in the world is such a pleasant treasure. Thanks to the producers, creators and writers of this show. It really centers us and enlightens us every week.

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