Day 27. The Entertaining One.

I really love the group The Barenaked Ladies. I happened upon them in the very early 90's (yes, before "one week" hit all the radio stations). If you don't know BNL, they are a lovely canadian group that can write some very catchy, and sometimes quite beautiful music. The reason I really love them tho is their wit. 

Listen to a BNL song - all the way through - listen carefully so you understand all the lyrics. Every song is either brilliantly funny or heartbreakingly sad and poignant. The poignant ones are often juxtaposed against a particularly cheery hook - making their art all that more creative.

Above and beyond their music - you can't beat a live BNL show. They improvise, they are funny, they innovate on their music and they are just darn good. Going to a BNL concert always puts my husband on a "real music" diet for at least a month - after hearing stuff like that, you can't handle brainless, manufactured pop or top 40 music for quite some time - you crave "the good stuff".

Art is expressed in many ways, and as everyone says, humor is so much more difficult than drama - BNL personifies this, I think they are genius and I thank them for what they put into the world.

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perpstu said...

I love BNL, they have been one of my favorite groups since they popped on the scene. You have described them to a T with the word witty!

They are fantastic!