Day 26. The American One.

It is September 11, 2008. Seven years ago, my world stopped. I know many of you have similar experiences. I have a whole story of that time, but that isn't what today is about...remember, we are here to appreciate people. So, all you need to know about my personal experience is that I was living in the very heart of DC in 2001 and was very close to the attack as well as to one of the most diverse populations in a very very small area.

Immediately after the attacks, I remember wondering how things would go down, people were nervous and angry and literally within a block we had koreans, germans, english, africans, chinese, japanese, iranians, iraqi's - business owners, residents, neighbors, Americans. The most amazing moment was walking through the stillness of the night on the 11th and seeing the outpouring of emotion and support from ALL people. 

I learned something that day - an American is someone who loves this country. Lord knows we are not perfect as a nation, but we do have it pretty darn good. And the hidden gift in the immeasurable amount of tragedy that day was that we all came together as a community - united by our belief in who we are as a nation. We are all here for a reason (i hope) and so many of us have chosen to live here (often fought for the right to do so in one generation or another) and ultimately - even with our differences - we love each other and we love America.  Now a days, with the talking heads on tv and the voting battles; the stalkerazzi and the rediculous amount of finger pointing on so many fields I am often sad, because I fear that we have forgotten that when boiled down to our core we are one. We are each American - and within that one word there is a unity, a relationship, a respect and  a shared love. I thank each American for pulling together during that time seven years ago, and I ask each American to hold on to that feeling - united we stand, people. United. We. Stand.

p.s. I've broken my blog rules a bit today - I don't care

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