Day 25. The "devylish" One.

I am always impressed with the cool things you find in social networks. Sometimes its the heads up on a new technology, sometimes its a hack for your iPhone ;) and sometimes its the best thing, a new friend.

I've come to know my friend Devyl via Twitter and Plurk (note the links here go to her profile). We didn't really interact significantly - to be honest, I found her through a cheeky comment on a plurk one night, liked it and added her as a friend. Since my interest was peaked, tho I didn't always respond, I would follow her updates fairly regularly.  And here's what...

Devyl is one of the most complete people I've met and by that I mean she is funny, she is naughty, she is smart, she is sensitive, she is emotional, she is crazy, she is fun, she is compassionate and she is kind. And I love her for that - I love that she represents all that a woman can (and should IMO) be. She challenges you and keeps you interested - points all around. Devyl, my dear, I hope all women can see what you put into the world and realize that we are multifaceted, complex, REALLY COOL people.

DISCLAIMER: Devyl TOTALLY pimped my project 365 on her blog and I love her for it but that is NOT why I write about her today  xoxox

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Devyl Gyrl said...

I feel absolutely giddy right now. Thank you SO MUCH for highlighting *me* in your blog today. I find that I have an addictive personality - you either love me or hate me. Most people don't put up with me just because I'm there.

I am glad you're one of the ones that love me. Sometimes, I wonder what people think of me, and today (because I'm only reading it today) you have said the most fabulous things about me than anyone has ever said ... ever.

Thank you so much!