Day 24. The Impulsive One.

Quite a few months ago my friend Tina and I met to discuss a project we were working on. We talked for a while at Starbucks and all of a sudden it was hours later and we were still having a great time visiting...so we decided to go across the street for lunch...and we spent a few more hours there.  It was one of those organic times that you just happen upon but I think these are also the real foundations of a true friendship.

Tina's quite busy now - she's about to get married and she has quite a hectic job, but every now and then we find ourselves starting a quick conversation or visit that extends into something more than we had thought...that is much more fun. I love that. They say life is what happens while you're busy making plans, and Tina is certainly an example of that - our friendship has evolved out of the cracks in time that we just catch each other. I thank her for introducing me to the importance of always keeping the door open for the opportunity that something more will develop.

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