Day 23. The Negative One.

I've been thinking and thinking about this one...it seems that recently those close to me have been getting a preponderance of bad news. While I wait for the yin to arrive for many of us (cuz we've had enough stinkin' yang) I've contemplated how we've gotten some of this news and from where.

I would like to commend someone who recently delivered some bad news. I think that to take on the responsibility of delivering bad news and delivering it in a compassionate way, after fully investigating every alternative to be sure that the bad news, is, in fact, correct, takes great strength of character. 

Let me be clear - please don't think this absolves those who like to build themselves up by breaking others down  - I am so NOT talking about those people (we all know some of them). But I think that sometimes, bad news is necessary. It makes us reevaluate what is important, where we are in our personal growth, and where we need to be. I think its each of our personal responsibility to take these challenges as best we can and move forward. So, I do thank this person - for trying their best to prove the bad news wasn't true...for being ever diligent in their pursuit of this news...for delivering it to us...and for putting up with the negative energy that is most always an initial reaction. You are very strong...and I appreciate that you were strong enough to go through this with us.

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