Day 21. The Bridal One.

Many of you know that my friend Jess is getting married today - and that i highlighted her parents earlier this week. Well - today is the day that Jessica becomes a wife and that deserves some attention.

I remember when I got married - the most significant "gift" we received was some words of wisdom at a shower...as friends of my parents were leaving, they said "we won't tell you Congratulations now, we'll tell you that in ten years". This shaped the way Stephen and I looked at the entire wedding process from then on out - its about a marriage, not an event or just one day. Well, Jessica personifies this...I have never EVER met a bride (including myself) who was so focused on what getting married REALLY meant. She's never worried about a single decision, she's just always looked for the best options, made a decision and moved on. She's worked to include the meaningful people in her life - some made the programs, some provided snacks for the big day, some even made part of her wedding day outfit. For Jess, it was never about "a certain look", "a brand name", or "an image" it was about celebrating the joining of her life with another and celebrating that with the special people in her life.

I have total faith in Jess and the marriage she begins today. Her outlook on life is truly special and I know that she will forever remember this day not just because of some material aspect but because it was everything SHE wanted it to be and it was based in friendship and love. Congrats Jess!

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