Day 20. The Generous One.

My friend Michele is pretty darn cool. She is tremendously interesting, very smart, a teacher, a loving wife and a really great friend. But Michele is one of those rare people who has a generosity of spirit like only a few people.

Michele's vacations, gifts, time, energy all revolve around doing for others. We were teasing her the other day about what would she do if she had a day to do anything at all that she wanted...and her answers were immediately about going places she knows her loved ones want to go, and doing things with those she cares about and being with her friends and family. When pushed, she certainly had answers that were just for her too, but that's not what's most important in her life.

There are so many people who easily can fall into selfish trends (I'm one of them!) who want for themselves, and focus on just themselves...but Michele reminds me every day that its not about us...its about what we put out into the world and that gives back to us in the most meaningful of ways. 

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