Day 19. The Working One.

At one of my very favorite restaurants, we visit there so much that we've come to know a ton of the people who work there...recently, they opened a new location and there's a whole new crew of folks we get to meet. One of those is Kareem.

Kareem works as a busser at the restaurant, he's there almost every day, and he is truly one of the most conscientious, hard working people I've ever met. Even before I knew his name, it was impossible to not see his focus and the pride he takes in doing his job well. Kareem caught our attention and as my husband and I watched, we had the coolest experience of starting at the most detailed level and watching that impact get bigger and bigger. Kareem does work that some may foolishly dismiss - he clears and cleans tables, taking each item to where it needs to go, and then resets that table making in presentable for the next guests. But we watched and saw more...he is fast, and unobtrusive, contributing to the experience of people around him; he is kind, smiling and looking to support his other co-workers which contributes to their attitude as well; he is attentive and overall helps turn the tables more quickly which makes everyone get a little bit more money.

I don't know all of Kareem's story...yet...but I have tremendous respect for who he is because his attitude and work ethic tell so much. Kareem is truly a pebble in a pond...causing ripples of positive impact that reach borders he may not even know he's touched.

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