Day 18. The Celebratory One(s).

My dear friend Jessica is getting married this weekend on Saturday. Today, her parents arrived from Nashville TN...and oh have the celebrations started!

We've got all kinds of happy hours, meet ups, even sleep overs planned for the next three days...and, it delights me. Not just to be spending time with people I enjoy but also, because in these days of hours and hours of television programming dedicated to "Bridezillas" "Platinum Weddings" and "Who's Wedding is it Anyway?" I am so touched by people who recognize this time for what it is...a time to celebrate. I credit Jess's parents for this...

In the months leading up to this wedding, we've never had long discussions about what the invitations should look like, or where are the flowers from, or who sits with who...we've talked about friends, and marriage, and memories and opportunities of the future. Isn't THAT what a wedding is all about? I think a wedding is a time to truly celebrate that two people have found each other and that they care for each other enough that they want to commit to spend their lives together, and proclaim this in front of all those who matter to them. (note I never mentioned the "color scheme" or bridesmaid dresses).  This is going to be a wonderful weekend because it is what it should be - a CELEBRATION. Kudo's to you Tom and Shelley...you're reminding us what this is all about!

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