Day 17. The Knitting One.

Most knitters have their very favorite "local yarn store" (aka LYS). I haven't been to mine in a while because I often spend too much money there :), but today I was reminded why I love it. The owner of my favorite LYS is Karen. I showed up today at 4:45 (the store closes at 5:30 on Tuesdays).  Karen doesn't know me but immediately came to help me find the exact yarn I needed for a last minute wedding gift for a friend..ahem, wedding on Saturday, don't ask.

Karen also proceeded to take the time to really get to know me "what other projects are you working on" "what yarn do you like" "have you seen this new yarn". I'm sure some of this was marketing focused, but it was kind and personal. When I showed her the pattern that is next on my "to do" list (a special hoodie just for me) she began the search for yarn...there was one I really wanted to use but we couldn't find enough of it. Suffice it to say that Karen stayed 45 minutes after the store closed, pulled down all the yarn of this certain brand from inventory, missed her yoga class, and took a list of my top three color choices to continue the search tomorrow at other stores and on the internet.

Yes, I know, its her business and in the end all this helps her out too - but she didn't have to do any of those extra things...and she did. She helped me feel really great about the gift for my friend, has me excited to start my fall project and was kind, thoughtful and a true pleasure the entire time.  I guess I'll be shopping there a lot more ;)

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