Week 1. Reflections.

As this project has gotten underway, I'm already learning that there were some things I didn't anticipate...I've decided that even God thought he needed  a day of rest so I too, will now, on occasion, use my Sunday's to reflect on some things that I realized through this project that are bigger than one person. [note: this is NOT cheating ;) ]

The first thing I want to reiterate is that I am not necessarily presenting people in any kind of order. As the mood strikes - or as life dictates certain lessons, any person may end up here.

The second thing I learned is that right or wrong,  I find my mind leaping to people in my present to be named each day. This isn't a bad thing - but it speaks to history, a personal history. I want to be sure to not forget those who've made an imprint on me or others. When I really sit and focus, people come back to me who've really meant something. Some are still around, others are not. I've learned that in some cases I've too quickly discarded that which is "past". I want to continue to integrate what is my history into my present and future. The lessons and the PEOPLE are too important not to do this...PLEASE don't forget people just because they aren't with you "right now".

Finally - I am going to try to focus on people who are still alive, while I know some who were dear to me who aren't here will show up, the point was to let people know NOW that they are appreciated...plus that whole thing with the coffee? OK that was kinda cheating...

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Kim Fenolio said...

I won't call it cheating if you share some of that coffee with me.

Keep up the great writing. It's a fantastic form of self-discovery, even though you are writing about others. You find out how they've affected your life and learn to grow from that.

I look forward to reading along side you as you write in this journey.

Kim Fenolio