Day 9. The Kind One.

This one is a little bit different. I don't even know this persons name. Tonight, we had a business dinner in New York City. As the many pieces of the restaurant machine took form, one gentleman came over to fill our water glasses and serve the bread course. He offered a kind greeting in the most powerful, booming, quality voice I've ever heard. Think Isaac Hayes, think Barry White - this guy was better. I am NOT kidding.

We immediately told him what a great voice he had and that he should be in radio, or podcasting (natch) or reading books etc. He shared he had been in Radio and was about to go back. He asked if there was anything else he could do for us...I, obviously, was enchanted, and said oh just keep stopping by our table to talk to us! And do you know what? He DID!

This wonderful man, was so kind as to stop by and make a point of saying something, always with a knowing wink, with that gorgeous voice and kind heart that underlined everything he said. Kind sir, who's name I do not even know, THANK YOU for being aware, and PROUD of your talent. Thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for making us smile. To many, he may just be the gentleman who brought them water and bread - and boy did those people miss out. Every person is special, every person has a gift - Look for it.

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