Day 7. The Natural One.

I have known my friend Maggie since I was 5. I met her because I spent time with her family every summer growing up...her family lived on a farm in Amish country. Though not Amish, we had no phone, no electric - we had a root cellar, an icebox and a working farm we had to maintain so we could eat.  My time there throughout the years is some of my most favorite, and happiest.

Maggie was the 2nd of 5 children, and each child got to pick an interest as they grew up. Maggie started with sheep, we then had to figure out what to do with the wool we had to shave every year- we started carding, followed by spinning, followed by knitting. We then had to heard the sheep, so she started training sheep dogs, which led to breeding her own, which led to breeding, training and racing sled dogs. Maggie quickly rose to the top of each of these areas and as a woman, as a YOUNG woman that was amazing. Today, Maggie has returned to her family farm after studying all over the world as an artist.  She still pursues this and whatever else captures her interest...

In this day and age, I find it rare when a woman stays so true to who she is - after taking the TIME to find out who she is - and makes such unique choices. It was my pleasure to share so much of this with her - directly helping her. What a contrast my time with her to when I returned to teenage life in the 80's. (I assume that needs no explanation). So many accomplishments in a still young life and in areas that may never attract any mainstream attention and for that I turn the spotlight to a well deserved, amazing person.

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