Day 6. The Pure One.

There are many things I could say about my mom. She is amazing is so many ways. But the thing that consistently stands out - that quite frankly blows my mind a little bit - is her ability to always trust in people and believe in the good in them.

As we all go through life, we learn through experiences good and bad on how much we let people in, We put up protective measures; we overanalyze; we doubt; we think the worst. Its normal for all of us to do...all of us but my mom. She has the gift of 100% pure, positive belief in EVERYONE. Everyone deserves a second chance, everyone's voice should be heard, everyone is trying their best.  I don't know how she does it...seriously.  Of course she gets hurt sometimes...and sometimes she looks "the fool". But she keeps on keeping on.  She gives candy canes out on Christmas...to everyone. She tells everyone to have a wonderful day. She's always thinking of others - when you see her, if she knows you, its rare she doesn't have a gift for you - especially for you.

I think I had this once...I know I lost it. But I always try to remember, at the very least, before I judge, to consider what it would be like to be in another's shoes...and then, maybe, I'm a little bit of a better person.

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