Day 5. The Unstoppable One.

Today is Wednesday. On Wednesdays, I usually think of my friend Kim. A lot of you know her and know how flat out cool she is and all that she has already accomplished and all that she is capable of...and I am in awe enough of that. 

Why do I appreciate Kim? In the past year or so, Kim has lost all of her physical life (belongings, home, technologies in some cases, keepsakes)...TWICE. She has had some real traumatic things sent her way personally as well, and yet she keeps going. Her ability to withstand whatever life seems to throw at her astounds me. I can't believe that she can push through these obstacles. All the while, she is focusing on getting to know people and really building relationships.

She also is the epitome of a hard worker. Those of you who know me know how important passion and pursuit of excellence is to me...well, meet Kim. She leaps into new concepts, opportunities, technologies, strategies, masters them and then takes the even more important step of learning how to apply them.  This wins my appreciation any day.

Kudos to you, Kim for having so many hidden gems within you and thank you for sharing them with me.


iandrea said...

I could not agree more!

Kim Fenolio said...

You're an amazing person. Thank you for writing this. It's making a tough time for me just a bit easier.

Kim Fenolio