Day 3. The Required One.

I certainly wouldn't want you all to think I take myself too seriously, and I thought it was important to follow the "rules" for this project early on - so, today we appreciate Constantinople and the Turks. Why? Because that's the earliest reference to one person I could find who did the essential task of introducing coffee to the masses.

The worlds first coffee shop opened up in 1475 and Turkish law became that a turkish woman could...wait for it...divorce her husband if he did not supply her with an adequate daily supply of coffee. [i should have added that to my wedding vows]. 

I am not ashamed to tell you I need coffee - I covet coffee - I am an empty shell of nothingness without my daily coffee. I appreciate good coffee: no powdered creamer (ew), always natural sweetener, and never so much "stuff" that you lose the flavor of the coffee itself. I like a good, strong cappuccino or latte that I can sit with through the morning hours. Its my security blanket.

On this first monday during project 365, as I drag my tired butt into work I am beyond thankful for the contribution the Turks and Constantinople made by bringing us coffee. I can promise you that without it, my life would be a whole heck of a lot less fun and you would all probably hate me.


iandrea said...

I absolutely love the concept, and think is amazing you're doing it.
I must agree, I share your love. You know I need a nice cup in the morning. So I will join you in appreciating Constantinople today. Furthermore,in appreciating and Thanking You for being such an wonderful friend and confidant.

greytfriend said...

It's possible that that was the best law ever written! Great post, thanks.