Day 2. The Inspiring One

So this person is the one who got me thinking about doing this in the first place...its my friend Amy.  As this idea began to solidify, it was approaching her birthday and I thought "how cool, I can make this her birthday present!" Well, her birthday was two days ago so you can see where that went ;).

Anyway - to Amy. I've known Amy a relatively short time, but I consider her a lifelong friend. She's one of those rare people to whom I quickly felt comfortable sharing myself, warts and all. She's been with me through some incredible highs and stuck with me through some incredibly selfish and irrational lows. The best gifts she has given me is when she's helped me through these...she knows exactly how to pull me back to rational thinking, and lightly scold me when its appropriate. To have such strength with such grace is amazing. I consider this a mark of the purest form of friendship. Its easy to be a supportive lovely girlfriend, but to care enough to put me in my place (and boy can I be a bear) means more than anyone knows...

Amy is so giving in so many ways. Others who know her know all the things she does and it would take another page to talk about these things. What's important here today is to focus on the hidden treasures she has...her perspective on the world humbles me. I want to be like Amy too and for that, she gets the second post of Project 300sixtyfive. I love her, I'm glad I know her, and I am honored that she calls me friend.

(on another note - I've pleasantly realized that picking a person each day will be a bit more challenging than I thought - so this is forcing me to do my daily run - it gives me time to think through what I'll put up here each day! :) )

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