Day 12. The Helpful One.

I just got back from a two day meeting marathon in NYC. While we were there, one of my colleagues from LA had an issue with her cell phone, it literally stopped working and one of the buttons continued to repeat as if someone was pushing it. One of our hosts asked his admin, Cynthia just to check if there was a T-Mobile store nearby that my colleague might be able to go to to get a replacement phone.

Next thing you know, Cynthia had found the store, GONE to the store, explained the problem and gotten a complete explanation of alternatives - including the possible impact on service plans/ contracts/ cost etc. She came back and politely explained the options. My colleague was so appreciative but frustrated to hear what the contract implications were so said she would just wait till she got back to LA to deal with the issue. Cynthia came BACK later, having returned to the store, expressing the frustrations and found alternatives to get service back up and running for someone so far from home. Before this, I never knew ANYONE who would go to such lengths - particularly without being asked.

Many people are disrespectful of "administrative professionals", but I have always found them to be the lifeblood of any organization, and in this case, I really want to single out Cynthia for going above and beyond the call of duty to serve someone not only regarding the task at hand, but also to give them back peace of mind. Cynthia - I have tremendous respect for your character and work ethic. You are a truly valuable asset to your company.

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