Day 1. The Easiest One

In a very quick, unscientific study, I asked today on Plurk what was the most important thing in people's life...the majority answer? Family. Me too...

My husband is amazing. I think we would all say this about our partners, but what's important is to know why...I could write far too long on this but let me say - he is truly one of the best people I know. He always focuses on the person, not the situation. His ability to see the motivation behind the action and soothe an ego, heal a hurt feeling, motivate a dream are top notch. What else is amazing - he has conviction. His strength of character is unbelievable: you can't make him do what he doesn't want to do and you can't make him NOT do what we wants to do. And then there's his values - "he gets it". This is one person who's never "gotten his priorities mixed up"...he's centered, and kind, and focused and still knows how to have fun.

I not only love this guy - I admire him. I want to be more like him in many ways...he inspires me. 

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